Conversations, visions, and new futures expressed across the wide field of non-urban art, culture, and community.

April 2021

Raven Chacon: What the Sound Carries

In celebration of his recent MacArthur Award, we share this conversation from the High Visibility initiative with Raven Chacon – on the artists, lands, and traditions that have shaped his dynamic creative work.

July 2022

Xavier Tavera: Photography and Community

Xavier Tavera is a photographer who builds deep, long-term relationships with communities and creates work that expresses the humanity and historical currents within the complexities of contemporary Latinx culture.

June 2022

The Long Conversation: Dyani White Hawk & Jovan C. Speller

Hear both artists at a point of transition between exhibitions - with major projects ahead - reflecting on how the central presence of Black and Native women help us understand the dimensions of the cultural moment we all are walking through.

November 2021

Erika Nelson: Traveling in Place

Independent artist and educator Erika Nelson discusses the communities, places, and artworks that tell the story of her two-year journey living in a vehicle and meeting people who built Outsider Art Environments and Roadside Vernacular Architecture across the United States - and discusses the development of her own traveling roadside attraction and museum.

June 2021

1001 Arab Futures: Sharon Mansur

Sharon Mansur shares her recent work in 1001 Arab Futures, an intimate outdoor site-specific dance performance and visual installation that contemplates imaginative visions, past reckonings, embodied truths and other future potentials from the Arab diaspora.

May 2021

How We Gather: Su Legatt

Su Legatt reflects on her upbringing in rural Minnesota, and how her experiences as an artist and advocate for rural communities have shaped her recent work and her sense of where we are headed in both the national conversation on rural culture and in the current forms of support and visibility available to rural artists.

March 2021

Jovan C. Speller: Memory, Myth, and Home

Jovan C. Speller, a multidisciplinary artist based in Minneapolis, MN, discusses her intentions to capture a "portrait of the land" in her mixed media art series Relics of Home, which centers the land in Windsor, NC - where her ancestors labored as slaves - and reckons with inseparability of people, place, and stories.

March 2021

Less Arc, More Contact: Karl Unnasch

Karl Unnasch joins Matthew Fluharty for a conversation on his creative process, rural community, and bridging difference between cultures and geographies.